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Jenarron Therapeutics

Jenarron Therapeutics have developed an innovative product for the treatment of minor cuts and grazes. 

The patented ‘rheogel’ formulation contains 2% lidocaine which is effective for pain relief and pain free wound cleaning in OTC settings.

PAIN RELIEF Use of JA01c ensures a pain-free experience, especially for young children, and allows carers, such as parents, to clean and dress wounds more effectively.

PROTECTION Once applied the rheogel flows to form an effective barrier, preventing further wound contamination. The rheogel is dry to the touch, and has a viscoelastic structure which makes it resistant to impact and penetration.

PORTABLE Packaged ready for immediate use, minor wounds can be treated immediately by a parent, first-aider or self-administered in a consumer setting.

CHILD FRIENDLY No stinging on application.

SOOTHING There is an immediate cooling and soothing effect.

SEALING Application prevents blood loss from small capillaries.

REMOVAL The rheogel is easy to peel away removing encapsulated contaminating debris.

CLEANING Application of the product prevents pain and minimises discomfort when cleaning. ANTISEPTIC The product has an inherent antimicrobial property due to the crosslinked PVA-borate anion composition which assists in the prevention of would infection.

COMPATIBILITY Application of the
rheogel is entirely compatible with any further necessary treatment.